So, you just bought a new motorcycle from the dealership. You got all of the accessories and gear you need; a new DOT-approved helmet, leathers, gloves and maybe even one of those handy rotor locks that help ensure your Gixxer or Boulevard is still there when you leave your local hangout. Yes, you got everything you need to hit the open road with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair. Did you forget something? You got everything you need to protect yourself, but what about your bike? Your bike’s paint in particular.

Every day, every ride, your bike is subjected to all forms of road torture and your only line of defence besides not riding at all, is to use a quality paint protection film. A paint protection film will protect your motorcycle’s paint from all types of road and environmental hazards from bugs and road salt, to sun damage, rock chips, even vandalism. With all of this lying in wait for your bike, it makes sense to install a paint protection film BEFORE taking that first ride.

Let’s take a look at what can harm your motorcycle and how paint protection film can prevent any damage:

  • Stone Chips-paint protection film can help your paint resist the effects of stone chips as the stones and pebbles will just bounce right off.
  • Scratches and Scuffs-paint protection film will absorb the scratches and scuffs and heal itself leaving no trace behind.
  • Road Tar-road tar is difficult to remove from painted surfaces, but it won’t stick to paint protection film.
  • Dirt-dirt just washes right off of paint protection film leaving no residue and a clean, shiny motorcycle behind.
  • Sun Damage-the sun can fade your painted surfaces if they are not protected by a quality paint protection film.
  • Vandalism-key scratches, duct taping and liquids which would normally harm factory paint jobs are no match for paint protection film. The scratches won’t show, the duct tape won’t leave sticky residue on your paint and the liquids, they won’t leave a mark.
  • Road Debris-the roads in our country are dirty. From rocks, glass and metal fragments to whatever the guy ahead of you threw out his window, your paint will be safe from harm with paint protection film installed.
  • Winter Salt and Sand- in many parts of the country, salt or sand are put down on the roads to increase traction in the winter. Some of this still lingers in spring and it can harm your motorcycle paint. That is, unless you have paint protection film installed. I am starting to notice a trend here.
  • Bugs-bugs are the worst! They stick to your bike and can stain even the best factory paint jobs. You will end up scrubbing them off doing potentially more damage to your bike’s painted surfaces unless you have installed a paint protection film, that is.

As you can clearly see, paint protection film offers your bike a fighting chance against the elements and can help keep your motorcycle looking factory fresh for longer. Search for motorcycle paint protection installation services near you, to protect your bike from the elements and ensure your motorcycle stays looking brand new for as long as possible.