Currently in the motorcycling community, vinyl wraps are becoming more popular by the day, and for a very good reason.

Vinyl wraps are affordable, they are much cheaper than re-sprays, they are relatively easy to install, they are incredibly simple to remove, and they look great and protect the existing paint and bodywork of the motorcycle.

If you own a motorcycle you may wish to consider wrapping it in vinyl, yet if you do, it will beg the question of whether you should hire a professional vinyl wrapping company to do it, or whether you should do it yourself.

Ideally you should always hire a professional company to wrap your motorcycle in vinyl for you, and here’s a look at a few reasons of why that is:

Quality of work

First and foremost, one of the main reasons to consider hiring a professional vinyl wrapping company to wrap your motorcycle for you is simply because the quality of work will be far superior to your own (unless you are especially talented).

Fitting a vinyl wrap is not easy, and there is a great deal of skill and precision required, which is why people tend to struggle.

When hiring professionals however, you know right off the bat, that the work you receive will be absolutely fantastic and will be exactly as you would have wanted it to be.

No errors

As mentioned, although it is possible to fit a vinyl wrap yourself, when trying a spot of DIY, it can be an absolute nightmare, especially if you are working on your own.

You not only have to ensure the wrap covers all of the existing paintwork neatly, but you will also have to neatly trim away all of the edges, and smooth down any air bubbles.

The finished result should be as smooth as a pebble, should be perfectly neat and straight around the edges, and truthfully, you should barely be able to tell the difference between the wrap itself, and a brand new paint job.

Save time

If you try to fit a vinyl wrap yourself, you can kiss goodbye to your weekends and evenings for the next few weeks/months, especially if things go wrong. Doing it by yourself can be stressful and difficult, and it can take a lot of time.

By taking it into a professional shop however, the experts there will probably have the job done within two hours, or even less than that.


Finally, the last reason to consider a professional wrapping company is simply down to the fact that there will be so much choice to select from. You can go with matte wraps, polished wraps, plain wraps, multi-coloured wraps, wraps with patterns, custom decals, and much more besides.

Again, if you did want a patterned wrap, doing it yourself would be one heck of a task as you need to ensure the patterns all line up straight and evenly all over the bike, which would be very tough for an amateur.

By taking it to the pros, you give yourself a little bit more variety to choose from.