When it comes to giving gifts for those that you care about, whatever the occasion, one thing we can all surely agree upon is the fact that we want the recipient of our gifts to enjoy what we’ve presented them with and to have the absolute time of their lives.

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary, valentines, or simply just because, sometimes it’s nice to splash out a little and buy something we know they’ll love. Men can be notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, unless you’re looking for something other beer or food related that is.

Over recent years, experience days have proven to be incredibly popular and for that reason we’ll now take a look at just four examples of the best and most popular experience day gift ideas for men.

Race Car Driving Simulator Days

Thanks to all of the huge advances in modern technology over the years, computer simulator technology is now more advanced and realistic than ever before.

So realistic in fact, that some companies actually train their employees using these pieces of equipment. Pilots and those in the armed forces are trained using simulators, as too are racing drivers.

If the lucky recipient of your gift has an avid interest in motor racing then a race car simulator experience day would be absolutely ideal. They will essential get to experience exactly what it’s like to be a racing driver, without putting their lives, and other track user’s lives in danger on the track.

Go Karting Track Days

Sticking with the racing theme, though on a much less technical level we now have Karting days out. Karting is incredibly fun for all involved as it allows participants to race against each other in special courses, using specially designed Go-Karts.

Karting is ideal because we all know how competitive men can get and pitting them against each other in Go-Karts is really going to emphasize that point.

To spectators it will only be a group of friends racing around a course in small, yet speedy, Go-Karts, but in the men’s minds they’re racing around the Monaco F1 circuit with the Grand Prix title on the line.

Quad Biking Days Out

See a bit of a pattern emerging yet? Yes, men love motors, which is why quad biking is another extremely popular day out for men of all ages.

If racing around tarmac isn’t quite their thing, and they’re more of an outdoors person, they’ll simply adore quad biking as it gets you out into the countryside amongst the dirt, hills, bumps and trees and allows you to really experience off road driving at its finest.

Quad bikes are incredibly powerful machines and can reach very impressive speeds so safety equipment is vital, just as it is with all other forms of motor racing for that matter.

Air Soft Experience Days

Men love motors, but do you know what else men seem love? Guns! Obviously giving a group of men real guns would be insanely dangerous but Air soft is ideal because it allows men to shoot the heck out of one another, using low velocity weapons that fire tiny plastic BB’s.

Again, they may look like toys to others, but when they’re in the “zone” these men will think they’re a part of an elite special ops unit in the middle of a warzone. Safety equipment is of course supplied, so why not give air soft a go?